Loucas Reklitis

Real Estate Agent

A little about me...

Loucas is a charismatic and highly skilled sales representative in Today's property management division. With extensive experience in residential and commercial real estate, he excels in buying, selling, and leasing. Loucas's passion lies in property management and he possesses deep knowledge of multifamily investments and property development. Continuously expanding his expertise through ongoing education, he remains at the forefront of industry trends. Loucas entered real estate to help others achieve their dreams in investing, development, and management. Outside of work, he values quality time with family and friends, staying active through reading and exercise, and indulging in movies and documentaries. Ottawa holds deep roots for Loucas, as his grandparents settled here from Greece. It is more than just a city; it is his cherished home. During his downtime, he enjoys leisurely walks, exploring local restaurants, and sharing meals with loved ones.